Sea, sun, sand… These three words are enough to explain why we can give up everything for the summer holidays! If you think so even though you can not do summer vacation for business reasons or different reasons, do not worry. Because in winter it is not impossible to sunbathe and enjoy the sea! Here are ten great routes for summer holidays in winter!




Barbados, which is generally preferred by famous names in the world, is one of the beautiful routes that you can experience in winter. The clear waters of Barbados, the wavy sea that allows surfing, the exquisite views and of course the majestic locations can make your holiday experience unforgettable.




Another summer route that can be visited in this season is Dubai. Approximately 4.5 hours by plane, you can go on this beautiful route to the sea, the heat and of course you can get enough of shopping.




As an alternative to the Maldives, Seychelles can provide an unforgettable summer holiday. After a long flight, you can reach this beautiful place where you can enjoy the unique nature and the clean sea.




Cuba can be an ideal route to feel the summer and make a cultural trip during the winter months. You can spend an unforgettable summer holiday in the region which attracts attention with its beautiful beaches and glorious history by the ocean.



Thailand, another summer route, is a must-see with its exciting culture, seafood dishes and world-famous massage treatments. If you want to enjoy the sea and nature and relax for a long time, you can turn your route to Thailand.


The Gambia


The Gambia, where you can spend a warm summer holiday in winter, can be a very exotic getaway. You can use your choice here to get enough of the sea on the golden sandy beaches surrounded by palm trees.


Goa, India


Goa has very sunny and warm weather between November and February. Nevertheless, those who dream of scorching summer heat should prefer spring to visit here. This route, which you prefer for a pleasant sea holiday, is the kind that will allow you to forget everything else and live only the moment.


Antigua, Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua ve Barbuda

The best beaches of the Caribbean are located in Antigua. There are 365 beaches in the region where white sand, a blue sea and a warm sun welcome you wherever you go. Here you can also participate in activities such as diving, speed boat, surfing, sea safari.


Cape Town

Cape Town

Another location where you can take a summer vacation in winter is Cape Town, a South African city. In Cape Town, live jazz, rock, trance and a wide variety of music and dance nightlife await you. Those who dream of a pleasant and fun summer holiday can turn their routes without any second thought!




You can also take a trip to Mexico’s fascinating tropical beaches to enjoy summer in winter. Mexico, where history and turquoise waters meet, has many historical and natural beauties to be seen. Most of them are located in Tulum.

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