Istanbul’s unparalleled location, nature, and historical texture fascinate everyone. It is satisfying to taste a cup of coffee against the unique Bosphorus view. This article lists the ten spots with the best views of Istanbul and the activities you can do here. But, first, let’s take a look at our review.


1. Pierre Loti Hill

pierre loti

Pierre Loti Hill is one of the best spots to see the Golden Horn in Istanbul. Pierre Loti takes its name from a French writer who lived in Istanbul for many years. While enjoying the view of the Golden Horn at Pierre Loti, you can spend time in cafes and restaurants and buy lovely gifts from souvenir shops. In addition, you can spend pleasant moments with your friends or family at Pierre Loti and collect good memories.


2. Ulus Park

ulus parkı

Ulus Park is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in Istanbul. Its nature, adorned with lush trees, enchants nature lovers in the middle of the city. In addition, you can have delicious meals in front of the view at the cafes serving in the park.


3. Galata Tower

galata kulesi

Of course, it is impossible not to mention the Galata Tower while talking about the ten most beautiful spots in Istanbul. Galata Tower, which has a view of the Bosphorus and Topkapi Palace, fascinates all its visitors. This Tower, which allows you to look at Istanbul from a hill, takes you on a journey in time with its historical texture. You can take your loved one with you and wait in line for a while, and you can go up to the Galata Tower and watch the view. If you wish, you can also have a pleasant meal at the restaurant in the Tower.


4. Mihrabat Grove

mihribat korusu

Every point of Istanbul is valuable in its way. But, of course, Mihrabat Grove in Kanlıca, one of the most beautiful places on the Bosphorus, takes its place in our list of the ten most beautiful spots. You can spend a quiet and happy time with your friends or family away from the city with the magnificent greenery of the grove, its nature, and the view overlooking the Bosphorus. While you’re here, don’t leave without eating Kanlıca yogurt.


5. Orient Terrace

orient teras

It is a pleasure to watch the sunset on Orient Terrace, located in Pera Palace, one of the hotels in Istanbul with a magnificent view of the Golden Horn. You can spend pleasant hours with your loved ones at Orient Terrace, with its carefully prepared menus and superb architecture that smells of history at every step.


6. Fethi Pasha Grove

Fethi Paşa Korusu

Fethi Pasha Grove is a beautiful area stretching from Üsküdar’s Kuzguncuk hill to the calm waters of the Bosphorus. Koru is also ideal for hiking lovers. The peaceful, quiet, and clean air of the grove offers a very suitable atmosphere for relieving all the stress and tiredness of the city. You can start the day with a delightful breakfast in Fethi Pasha Grove and take an excellent walk. You can also take beautiful photos of the scenery.


7. Yusa Hill


Yuşa Hill is located on the ridge of Beykoz. The number of visitors is relatively high, even though it is reached by crossing very long distances. When you go up the hill, one feels that you are watching Istanbul from an airplane. When viewed from a bird’s eye view, the pool-like view of the Bosphorus is refreshing.


8. Yildiz Park

yıldız parkı

Located in Beşiktaş, Yıldız Park is between Yıldız Palace and Çırağan Street. When you reach the top of the park, which is right across the Çırağan Palace, the Bosphorus view winks at you through the green trees. If you want to sip your coffee while enjoying nature, you can visit the places here. It is perfect for those who want to relax after the heavy work and traffic stress of Beşiktaş. You can also spend time with your loved ones by having a picnic in the park. Yıldız Park is the perfect place for wedding photos and fun selfies.


9. Maiden’s Tower

kız kulesi

Maiden’s Tower is a place that we can call the pearl of Istanbul. It was restored in the 2000s and took its current form. Maiden’s Tower is one of the favorite places for photography enthusiasts. You can take in the sea air by having a romantic dinner in the Tower, which gives stunning frames to the lenses. You can collect unique memories with your loved ones and enjoy spending time in the magnificent atmosphere of Istanbul.


10. Emirgan Grove

emirgan korusu

Hosting the Tulip Festival every year in spring, the park welcomes thousands of visitors. The restaurants in the grove are very suitable for having pleasant meals with your family or for business lunches. Coming to Emirgan during tulip season, you can take great photos, sit on benches and enjoy a magnificent view against the sea.

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