With its deep-rooted history and beauty, İstanbul is a novel in itself, and has been the subject of many works from past to present and will probably continue to be… So much so that Istanbul, which has many works in not only Turkish literature but also in World Literature, can suddenly appear in a book. Because every novel about Istanbul opens up a separate street and a separate period. In this article, we have gathered some of the best works that describe Istanbul in Turkish Literature. Here are some of the works that you will come across with thousands of faces of Istanbul!


  1. Dolapdere, Sait Faik Abasıyanık

Sait Faik, one of the most popular writers of Turkish literature, gave a detailed account of Istanbul in his numerous stories because he is a true lover of Istanbul. The story of “Dolapdere” is one of the best depictions of Istanbul. Dolapdere; it is an essay, a travel letter, and includes the impressions of one of Istanbul’s neighbourhoods.


  1. One Face of Istanbul, Refik Halit Karay

Born and raised in Istanbul, Refik Halit Karay describes Istanbul, the capital of that period in his first novel One Face of Istanbul(In Turkish, İstanbul’un Bir Yüzü) and tells a story from the period of II Abdülhamid II to the end of World War I. In the book, he gave details about the old and new statesmen, people became wealthy from the war and politics, the clergy and the young women of the war era during the change of Istanbul.


  1. Istanbul was an Evening in May, Selim Ileri

Selim İleri ‘s love of Istanbul, one of the famous writers of our literature, can be understood clearly from every sentence of this book. The master writer describes the city, which is impossible to fit in the pages of his book which consists of 5 subjects titled; Istanbul Endless City, Literature in Istanbul, Never Coming Days, Unforgettable and From the Kitchen.


  1. Ağır Roman, Metin Kaçan

Metin Kaçan, in his famous novel Ağır Roman, mirrors the ignored sides of Istanbul and takes the reader to the back streets of Istanbul. In the extraordinary book of Kaçan, we see a completely different language, colour and subculture of İstanbul.


  1. Three Istanbul, Mithat Cevdet Kuntay

Mithat Cevdet Kuntay, one of the important writers of our literature, describes three different Istanbul in this book in detail. In work, which includes the reflection of the periods of oppression, constitutionalism and amnesty on Istanbul, the social life of the period and Istanbul meet with the reader.


  1. A Memento For Istanbul, Ahmet Ümit

Ahmet Ümit, one of the most successful detective novelists of our literature, has many works based in Istanbul. Here, Istanbul is the protagonist of his novel Istanbul Memory. In the book which contains a lot of information about the history of Istanbul, a very remarkable murder is the subject.


  1. Five Cities, Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar

Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar, born in Istanbul and spent most of his life in Istanbul, tells about the five cities in which he lives. But of course he devoted a more extended space to Istanbul, and in the book, he pondered the city, society and history by going from the history of the city to his own past.


  1. Esir Şehir Trilogy, Kemal Tahir

Kemal Tahir, one of the important writers of Turkish literature, deals with the years of occupation in this trilogy book series. In his work, he travels through the streets of Istanbul, which already seen captivity and freedom; describes the Istanbul of the period in detail and introduces the reader to the heroes of the captive city at the heart of the crisis.


  1. The Museum of Innocence, Orhan Pamuk

Orhan Pamuk, a true Istanbul novelist, tells the story of Istanbul in the Museum of Innocence. In the novel, it is said that the protagonist Kemal tries to search love in the streets instead of searching in the people and transforms Istanbul into a museum of love…


  1. Deniz Küstü, Yaşar Kemal

This work of Yaşar Kemal, who is the master of our literature, focuses on the lives of people who are fishing in Istanbul’s Menekse district. The events in the book is lived in the oldest settlements in Istanbul, such as the Golden Horn, Topkapi, Eminonu, Galata, Beyoğlu neighbourhood is lived around. In his book, Yaşar Kemal describes the Istanbul of the 1970s in detail regarding these historic neighbourhoods.


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