Each corner of Istanbul is home to another beauty, especially in the autumn should be visited. Because in this romantic season, this beautiful city takes on a completely different atmosphere. Moreover, there are many peaceful routes to visit Istanbul in autumn… In this article, we will share those routes with you. Here are the top 10 most beautiful activities in Istanbul in autumn!


1. Breakfast at Rumeli Hisari Shore

Wake up early on a Sunday morning and throw yourself at Hisar’s beautiful, smelly shore. If you want, you can take a pleasant walk on the beach before, then sit in one of the great breakfast places on the coastline and have a delicious breakfast against the sea.


2. Historical Peninsula Tour

Historical Peninsula, which is the oldest settlement of Istanbul and home to many historical beauties, can be visited the best in autumn! Leave the house early and walk across the Golden Horn to the end of the Historical Peninsula. In the meantime, you can visit museums and historic buildings, stop by the unique flavour stops of the Historical Peninsula and experience unforgettable flavours.


3. Boat Tour

One of the most enjoyable ways to view Istanbul is a boat tour. In the autumn, you can witness the beautiful autumn scenery by participating in the ongoing boat tours; you can dive into seeing the deep blue sea and the historical buildings that adorn Istanbul.


4. Prince’s Islands Tour

The Prince’s Islands, which are beautiful in every season, are lovely, especially in the fall. In this season, it is not too crowded, and it can be enjoyed outdoors because the weather is not too cold. You can wake up early on the weekend and enjoy a ferry ride to any of the Princes’ Islands, touring the island and to spend time in nature.


5. Trip to Polonezköy

One of the enjoyable activities that can be done in Istanbul in autumn is to go to Polonezköy, which has all shades of green. At Polonezkoy you can enjoy a barbecue, delicious breakfast or self-catering venues. You can also walk in the heart of nature and stay in Polonezkoy hotels.


6. Caddebostan Coast Bike Tour

Caddebostan coast, which is one of the indispensable routes of Istanbul attracts attention in every season. You can go cycling to Caddebostan coast during warm autumn days and experience the long coastline in this way. You can relieve the tiredness of the week with the scent of sea that accompany your bike tour.


7. Tea-Bagel Enjoyment in Çengelköy

Çengelköy is one of the most beautiful historical districts of Istanbul. You can go to the coast of Çengelköy to feel the best of autumn in Istanbul, and you can enjoy tea with crispy bagels in the historical Çınaraltı Tea Garden, then you can visit the streets of Kuzguncuk decorated with historic houses.


8. Jogging in Emirgan Grove

In autumn, you can experience the slightly cold air of Istanbul in the most beautiful parks and groves. So get up early one Sunday morning and set out to experience the green atmosphere of Emirgan Grove. After a pleasant walk in the woods, you can have breakfast and go to Emirgan shore and get sea air.


9. Museum Trip

Istanbul has been rich in history since it has been home to different cultures for centuries. For the same reason, there are many museums to visit in Istanbul. You can set off early in the autumn days when the Istanbul crowd is diminishing, and you can make museum trips and spend a weekend full of culture.


10. Historical Pera Tour

Formerly known as Pera; today’s Beyoğlu was the heart of the city in the past as it is now. That is why every street has a different story and different historical beauties. You can set out for Pera on a pleasant autumn day, stroll through the historic streets of Beyoğlu and visit many museums on your way.

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